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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Witch

We have a hunt coming up on the weekend of the 24 and another on the 25th.

On the 24th we intend to enter the woods. Have I told you how much I hate hunts in the woods? Well, I do because I am terrified of insects and have myself convinced if I can't see them in the dark then there must be millions of them there, just waiting to get me. But we have a site that has some very interesting noises coming from it, usually between 2 am and 4 am. Before the noise starts the neighbor hood dogs get extremely agitated, start to bark and then howl. Then from the area comes a noise like nothing I have ever heard before, honestly it sounds like Chewbacca to me from Star Wars fame. It is not a dog, it's not a cat, not even a big cat, I have no idea but we are going to see if we can track it down. So yeah, this isn't going to rank on my list of favorite hunts, woods, insects and crazy animal noises. All things I don't like. Give me a good or even a bad spirit any day just keep the insects please.

Also on the 24th we are going to the city cemetery. I see many spirits there in the day time that want to visit and talk but we haven't actually gone to this particular cemetery at night before. So we are going to try to get some EVP recordings done and take some pictures in there. This one is more or less just to amuse ourselves, we like to do this from time to time just for fun. If we get something then great, if not then we will have had fun trying.

A while back we did a hunt at a well known area here that was used for human sacrifice for many years, not legend, but police and church documented. My ex came upon one of these sacrifices when he was in high school by accident and was promptly chased away by the coven. He was with some friends from high school, they never had believed the story of the sacrifices and were simply looking for an out of the way place to have a beer drinking party. He left there terrified and a full believer. Many years later we were handed three cassette recordings from a local preacher to take home and listen to after telling him about an experience we had in our own home. Let me just say I was more than shocked at the names on that tape of the people participating in this coven. Teachers, preachers, doctors, a few business men and many, many residents in town and all the activities they were doing. I would never in a million years have guessed. We listened and gave them back to the preacher and I assume they are to this day still locked up in the church safe.

Let me give you a brief  reason as to why we even talked to this preacher about this. My oldest son at the time was about 15 and had crush on this girl, Cynthia. I never saw the beauty in Cynthia, today she would be considered Goth, back then she was just strange. I found a note she had passed him at school one day and noticed that she signed the t in her name as an upside down cross but thought she was just another kid going through the "I don't really know what wicca is (very peaceful religion, by the way, nothing evil about wicca)so I want to dress in dark clothes and be a witch" phase and she would outgrow it. Now, God love him my son is literally terrified of all things paranormal, unfortunately for him he does have the gift, but is so scared of it he blocks it out but when he can't and it creeps up on him his first thought is always to run away. It also gives us plenty of ammunition to torment him, nothing better than getting him all scared and worked up. I remember him spending the night in a motel one night as an adult because he saw something in his own home that scared him. Anyway, he is invited to dinner at Cynthia's house, he isn't old enough to drive so we dropped him off. I remember having a very strange feeling about the house but what really got me was the black squirrels. Now there is nothing wrong with a black squirrel other than they are rare here. This girl's yard and trees were full of them, up until that point I had only seen one in my entire life and to see 30 to 40 in one yard was very strange.  He had dinner and we went to pick him up, this was before the days when all kids had cell phones and Cynthia's family didn't have a house phone (remember that part). Poor kid was scared to death, told us how strange they were, all of them dressed in black, he said they had an altar set up in the living room, the more he described I knew they were Satanic followers. The next day at school he sent her a note and told her he didn't think they should be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. She was enraged and started firing notes at him like you would not believe, threatening notes. He brought them all home to us. I talked to the principle on Friday and he talked to her parents. The following Sunday I wasn't feeling well after church so I had my husband drop me off at home and the rest of the family went to my in-laws for Sunday dinner. I ran a tub full of hot water and bubles and had just settled in with a book and a candle to read it by. The candle would not stay lit even though there was no air blowing to put it out. Then the lights in the house start to flicker on and off. Then my house phone rings and the caller ID simply said "Cynthia", remember they had no phone. The lights continue to flicker and I hear growling sounds, I had a Great Dane at the time who was a lot like Scooby Doo, afraid of everything, he was literally cowering in a corner in the living room. The phone keeps ringing, on most of the calls no one said anything but the caller ID always said "Cynthia", on the last call someone, a man, said "Are you afraid yet?" Damn right I was!  Instead of having the good sense to just say yes I replied with a "Fuck Off", probably not the right move. Now I had no lights on in my house, off completely. I quickly recovered and decided lunch at the in-laws was better than a bubble bath with Satan so I called my husband to come and get me, loaded up the dog and left. All was calm when we returned home hours later. The next morning we met with the preacher, told him the story, and he immediately was aware of this family and then he enlightened us on a lot of things we were unaware of and gave us the tapes to listen too. They were confessional tapes of former members of the coven, tell all tapes about the meetings and sacrifices in the area we went hunting in a few months back. I refused for years to go anywhere near that area to hunt.

A few months back I let the team talk me into going. We had a not quite so nice run in with "The Big Witch" as I have named her and for ghost hunters that do this all the time I have to tell all of us left a little shaken and more than ready to get out of there. Again I left there saying I would never go back. But now I have to because my old pal "The Big Witch" for the first time I have ever known has travel away from the area and showed up at my house. I tried to get a picture but it isn't very clear. I am going to show you the original picture, the enhanced picture and then the enhanced with the features labeled.

Original Photo

Enhanced Photo
Labeled Photo, the small lights are nothing more than a radio tower
and some distant street lights.

At any rate we are going to try to lure the witch back to her own place and away from mine on the 25th. We also have another spirit that has been harassing all of our team after two of our team members had a run in with him many years ago. He has decided to make a reappearance for whatever reason so hopefully, we can send him back or at least contain him. 


  1. You and your team have a gigantic set of balls. I'd be to afraid to this when it hits so close to home. I wish you all the best and look forward to the update.

    1. Elsie, you know me, a giant set of balls is a compliment! I am not passing that along to the guys though, they will just get all uppity. I was the only one present when this one happened. Sometimes you just get lucky.