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Monday, February 4, 2013

New Website Is Up!

We finally have our new website up and running. We still have a lot more pictures to add, but it takes time to go through them and authenticate them before publishing so please be patient with us.

As you may have noticed all the above pages, except for the "About The Team" page,  have been removed as they are all now on our website.

The link to the new website is: CLEAR

Monday, January 28, 2013

Interesting Hunt Last Night

Part of our team got together last night for a fun hunt and got some very interesting video and photo's. We haven't had time to go through the audio yet. As soon as we get everything process and this can take a while I will post a few pictures here. Working with our newest team member is great. He is organized, calm (Well there was that one little incidence at the church, but he would kill me if I told what it was. Sorry Jake, just had to throw that one in!), methodical and knows what he is doing since he isn't new to the field or the paranormal, only new to our team. In other words he works like Kyle and I do which makes it so much easier.

We also have a new website coming up soon.  It isn't ready for viewing yet as I am working on design and content so give me a couple of weeks. I will post here when it is ready for viewing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome To Our New Team Member

First I would like to welcome our newest investigator to the team. Jake R, we are excited to have him become a member of CLEAR. Jake is a police officer and has many skills that are invaluable to our team. Welcome aboard Jake!

After a break due to illness, work load and the Holidays we are back in full swing. We have had so many contact us this month that it has been a challenge to keep up with and left us no time for our favorite thing, a "fun investigation", done only for ourselves. Fun investigations give us a chance to make sure all equipment is working properly, keeps our skills sharp and let's us just let loose and have fun with each other.

We have a private investigation coming up this week that we are excited about and several more that we have yet to set dates for. It's not always easy working around regular work schedules of the investigators and the clients but we do our best to get it done in a timely manner.

I was extremely sad this week to find out that one of our clients had an unpleasant experience with another investigating group without this group ever having stepped foot on their property. It makes the rest of us who are willing to get out there and try to prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity look bad. We promise all our clients to never debunk them without an investigation, to never make them feel "crazy" for calling us and to believe them unless we can prove otherwise. You don't always "get something" on every investigation, but to discredit a client that calls over the phone for help without ever meeting them or visiting their property/home is something we can't even imagine doing. We, as I am sure have many other teams,  had to turn down an investigation and we always feel bad about it. We had one such case this past week, we follow a set of rules while we investigate a private residence or business and with our  years of experience have learned that without those rules it just doesn't work. We make those rules clear up front to each client that calls, if a client does not want to follow all those rules then we have to turn them down. We aren't being mean, it's for our safety and the safety of our clients, to get a clearer idea of what is going on in the building and to keep inexperienced people from possibly harming expensive equipment, messing up an EVP recording, etc.  Our team members go through an extensive training period and spend 6 months on probation with us before being allowed to become a full team member, we do not allow just anyone to accompany us on an investigation unless it is one of our fun investigations.

We do not charge for investigations but we put our heart and soul into each and everyone of them. While we don't publicly announce where any team member works we do  have medical , law enforcement and computer technology in our backgrounds, a couple of us are ordained and can even marry you. We are level headed and have little fear (I can't say no fear because we too have been scared a few times), we have been to places others would shy away from. We have an extensive "wish list" of places we want to go someday and investigate.

Thank you to everyone who has called us for help or guidance and we hope to continue to have a good and informative relationship with all of you.