Learn About The Paranormal

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The thing about ghost hunting and the ability that I have is it often carries over to people I have some kind of contact with.

For the past two weeks I have had an older gentleman I'm guessing from the 40' or 50's by the clothing. He is a short man, I only see him outside but he is everywhere I go. He has on a brown felt bowler type hat with an indention in the top. He is wearing olive green pants with a small cuff at the bottom and a short sleeved striped shirt, for some reason I can't see the color of the shirt. Brown leather lace up shoes. He has small features except for his nose, which is rather large for his face. He is always standing with one foot propped up on the bumper of a car, his right elbow resting on that knee. He has a cigarette in the other hand. Every person that walks past him he smiles and touches the brim of his hat. He seems rather a jolly fellow but doesn't talk or even acknowledge that I am there.

My second one is a puzzle to me and the one that is driving me crazy. He is a gentleman that looks to be in his 40's.  Black or dark brown hair (hard to tell since it has hair grease in it) parted down the middle and a little shaggy but still cut short above the ears and at the back. He has on a long sleeve white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his fore arms. He has on brown dress pants, the kind with the pleats in the front. Brown leather belt, can't see his shoes. He has a diagonal striped tie in multi shades of brown one, but loose around his neck. He has a terrified look on his face and is sweating, I mean sweating until it is running down his face. He looks to be in some office, he is always standing in a corner but I can see a desk beside him and and built in bookshelves on the wall beside him. It's expensive furniture and just guessing I would say from the 50's or 60's. He has a dark complexion and dark brown eyes. He is shaking in fear, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else around him. It's very strange. I saw this exact scenario for many days, then one night I saw it again only this time he had blood on his shirt, his head was leaning to the side and his mouth was open. I have not seen him since.

Next is a beautiful little girl, she is squatting like she is playing jacks or marbles, some game close to the ground. She has on a fancy light blue dress with white lace trim. White lace socks and white patent leather Mary Jane shoes. What ever she is playing with she will hold out to me with one hand from time to time almost as if she is asking me to play with her. She has the most beautiful smile. I can not tell what color her eyes are but her hair is blonde and below her shoulders in length. She does nothing but play and giggle. I can't seem to date her so I have no idea what period she might be from. I don't even know if she is dead or I am just seeing someone's live child playing someplace. The problem with that is if I see a live person they usually don't stay alive for long.