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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Batteries Included

What is with the batteries in my house? I keep finding batteries everywhere. At first I blamed my son for taking them out of things we use considering I usually have to worry about him stealing batteries more than I do the spirits taking them. But this time he is innocent and all electronics have batteries in them, and he said it with a fairly straight face so I believe him. I always buy cheap batteries so  I know my "brand" but these that I am finding are all different brands, but always AA. Then last night I got a call from a team member saying he was confused because as he went to get the equipment out for our upcoming hunt all the batteries were missing from the radios, the meters, the camera, etc. and he couldn't find them anywhere. I asked him what kind he used, he replied various brands and named them off. Guess what I have all those brands in my house. He lives a few hours from me so it is a mystery as to how or even why they ended up here.

Yesterday we all decided to turn our radar on at the same time, in three different towns to see what we would get. All words coming from all three radar's kept spitting out similar words. Not so nice words. Makes us a little uneasy about the upcoming hunt. It was made clear that something doesn't really want us there.


  1. Seems like you have a spirit attachment my friend.

  2. Yes, and I think he is trying to stop our hunt for him next weekend to put him back where he came from. He's an old "friend" we have dealt with before.