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Monday, January 28, 2013

Interesting Hunt Last Night

Part of our team got together last night for a fun hunt and got some very interesting video and photo's. We haven't had time to go through the audio yet. As soon as we get everything process and this can take a while I will post a few pictures here. Working with our newest team member is great. He is organized, calm (Well there was that one little incidence at the church, but he would kill me if I told what it was. Sorry Jake, just had to throw that one in!), methodical and knows what he is doing since he isn't new to the field or the paranormal, only new to our team. In other words he works like Kyle and I do which makes it so much easier.

We also have a new website coming up soon.  It isn't ready for viewing yet as I am working on design and content so give me a couple of weeks. I will post here when it is ready for viewing.


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