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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Part of the team went out last week to hunt....

First we went to an old KKK burial ground.  I wasn't too sure about going, not a bit afraid of the spirits that might be lurking but didn't know who might be alive and protecting the place. But I sucked it up and off we went. Even though it was an interesting place to poke around in I really didn't pick up much activity other one old spirit that kept asking me why we were there and what we wanted. I told him and he seemed satisfied. He spent the rest of the time just standing around watching us. We heard a few eerie and unexplainable noises but that was about it. By the time I would get a recorder on it would stop and since we were walking around it wasn't feasible to leave the recorder on to pick up all the sounds we were making traipsing through the place. I took about 300 pictures but haven't had time to upload them to the PC so I can analyze any of them yet. Many times we go to a place and thing is was a bust, nothing at all there and then go through the pictures and find all kinds of interesting things. Hopefully that will be the case here.

From there we moved on to an old house that is suppose to be used by devil worshipers. It is actually a really nice two story house a man started to build that was destroyed by vandals. He started to rebuild and again it was destroyed. He got afraid and just abandoned the property and built elsewhere but left the remains of the house. We did pick up a few rather nasty feelings there but saw no actual spirits and couldn't get any to talk if they were there. On reviewing some of the pictures I do have one that shows something I can't identify but won't publish it until my partner reviews it too and we have it verified by IGHS.

But the whole time we were in the house I kept getting a feeling that I needed to walk down the road. Now I am no adventurer and not in the least interested in any type of nature gawking walk and it's a very remote area that is rarely ever visited by anyone.  But I just couldn't get rid of the feeling so I grabbed a team member and took off down the road. I walked about quarter of a mile when I was met by a spirit woman trying to tell me that two men took her into the woods and killed her. She told me if I looked I would find her black jacket and a pink blouse and bra and one of her shoes. She said she was still there, that she had never left after her death. I couldn't get any more info out of her such as her name, how many years ago this might have been, who the men were or what they looked like, etc.  I went off into the woods and right off we find a broken necklace and a single black shoe. A few feet further in and we find a black jacket draped across a bush and next to it on the ground a pink blouse and bra. We backed out of there using the same way we came in and called authorities. I haven't heard yet what they might have found, if anything, besides what we had already found. The style of the clothes told me it was around the late 80's or early 90's sometime. As we were leaving she showed back up and told me "Thank you".  We found out later that supposedly many years ago a team of Mexican workers walked over the cliff in that same area to work on logging and not a single one of them was ever heard from again. I don't know if this is rumor or a true story because it was the next day that my ordeal with my leg and fibro started and I haven't had time to do any research on it yet. Maybe I will today.

Spirits have been very quiet with me the last couple weeks, I suspect it is all the medication they have had me on for the leg infection that is not letting me open up enough for them to come through as this has happened before over the years when I have been on medication for something. I am starting to miss their constant chatter.


  1. I love this.

    Hopefully that woman will be at peace now.
    Can't wait to see the pictures too, even if there's a very good chance they creep me out.

    1. I am assuming she did, I have not seen or heard from her since and that is always a good sign.

  2. First off, I hope you start feeling better soon.

    I also hope that the woman will be able to move on to a better place now and that she's at rest. Good work in finding her belongings.

    1. Thanks Elsie, I hope she is at peace too, she deserves it.