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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok, here it is you ask for it you got it.

And you damn well better appreciate my sick ass sitting here making this site with a screaming pug in one ear and a spirit rattling on about planting four pounds of seed in the yard in the other ear! I do have a really good post to put up about paranormal pugs. I have a lot more that I want to add, but right now this is all the Klonopin is allowing me to do.


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  2. I have been lugging around a piece of furniture, an old wooden hutch, made of Idaho wood and given to me by a very old man, many, many years ago. Someone in his family made it and I just loved it so he gave it to me. The hutch came with 3 spirits. A man, woman and child. The woman is very tall with beautiful red hair and she's wearing a beautiful dress, I perceive to be emerald green. The man is very tall as well. When my youngest was a little boy the man would sit on the end of his bed at night. The little boy is just beautiful. Blond.. A happy boy. Curious. He used to play in my dining room when I lived in Idaho and everyone would always lift their feet as they passed thru instinctively knowing a child was playing there. People have seen these wonderful spirits. I have seen, felt, known spirits my whole life, as have my parents and their parents, etc. and my children are all sensitive.

    We moved into a spirited home with our 3 spirits in tow. Since moving here another male has joined us. He and the 3 Idaho spirits stay downstairs with us. Upstairs the spirits are not as friendly and they never come downstairs. An angry little girl stays on the stairs in the playroom. And on more than one occasion my boys have come downstairs from their room with scratches all over their backs and sides from a spirit that resides in their room. My husband has a little trickster spirit that follows him around and plays in his closet and moves things around in his "man cave." And then there are the family members who have passed on that come visit from time to time.

    I'm never afraid. I acknowledge them all and aside from the angry spirits of the little girl and whoever is upstairs I have no issues. I have noticed that when my son leaves for prolonged periods of time the spirit(s) upstairs tend to get a little rowdy and knock things over in his room. My son used to asked, "who's been in my room?" And now we all know. We've all learned to live together.

    We're moving soon and I'm burning the hutch in a big bonfire. Time to set those spirits free and move on.

    Great site by the way. I'll def. be back.

    1. Just remember this spirits may have attached to your family by now and burning the hutch may have no effect. They may still move with you. As long as they are harmless I would just let them come. I also have pictures of my own son who had a run in with a not so nice spirit in a cemetery a while back. I will post the pictures above under pages. Try telling them you are going to send them away if they can't be nice and get along with everyone, it really does work with some of them, especially children. I have loved reading your story and hope you post many more.

  3. Feel better and thank you for creating this blog while you're sick. I appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing your stories and adventures!

  4. I am so excited that you started this blog! I'm already captivated, can't wait for the stories to come.